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Start Smart Schlieren association distinguishes between active and passive membership. Be smart and become a member now!

Statutes Start Smart Schlieren

active membership

Active membership is reserved for the tenants of our office space and the Executive Board. Active members participate in the achievement of the association's goals and have the right to vote.

Annual fee: CHF 200.00

passive membership

Passive members are natural or legal persons or organizations who are financially and ideologically committed to the association's goals. They don't have voting right.


Annual fee: CHF 300.00

type of membership

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about us


Our goal is the support and settlement of innovative technology, young entrepreneurs and companies.


Our goal is to increase the attractiveness of Schlieren as a location for companies.


Our goal is to bring all our members and partners of Start Smart Schlieren together to build a strong network.


Our goal is to exploit synergies through cooperation with universities, ETH, universities of applied sciences, IFJ and our partners.



Lukas Meier

Vice President

Stefano Kunz


Rolf Wyssling

Tenant Representative

Dr. Thomas Müller

Real Estate

Alexandre H. G. Porchet

Government Representative city Schlieren

Manuela Stiefel

Location Support city Schlieren

Albert Schweizer

Location Support city Schlieren

Location Support city Schlieren


Josua Haas

Über uns
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